3x Face Masks (Bundle)
3x Face Masks (Bundle)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3x Face Masks (Bundle)

3x Face Masks (Bundle)

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Our super comfortable Motomogli face masks are available in three different, natural colours and come with straps that allow you to attach them to either your ears or your head and neck. The built-in nose pin ensures an optimal fit and provides additional protection against dust and pathogens that can be found in respiratory droplets.

  • Chemical-free dyes: madder (red), turmeric (yellow) and neem (green) *
  • Rubber straps for ears and the back of your head & neck **
  • Built-in nose pin made of metal
  • 2-ply cotton (reusable and washable)
  • One size fits most adults and teenagers (26 cm wide, 13 cm high)

The masks offered here are not certified and therefore not considered to be personal protective equipment by public health agencies.

* Natural colours are healthier for the skin, but fade faster when washed compared to chemical dyes. It is not necessary to wash our masks before wearing them for the first time.

** Simply cut off unneeded rubber bands.




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